Take to the tracks, master the machines and battle the elements. Control iconic locomotives from the USA, UK and Europe, hauling mile-long freight, high-speed passenger and busy commuter trains.

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Train Sim World 3: US Passenger Bundle

Speed through part of America with Amtrak's Acela® and move masses with both the electric NJ TRANSIT ALP-46 and diesel-powered MBTA services in two routes forming part of the iconic Northeast Corridor.

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Experience Train Sim World 3

Feel the power behind the controls inside authentically recreated locomotive cabs and explore stunning scenery across three real world routes. Get started at the Training Center to become familiar with the railway world or tackle new challenges with improved weather dynamics that impact the handling of your train.

The Locomotives

Take a seat at the helm of three icons of the railway world. Each offers a different experience from the next, with stock dating from various eras and territories and built for entirely different purposes. Once the basic controls are mastered of each, the style of operation for their freight, high-speed and commuter trains will need to be mastered.


BNSF is one of America's largest freight railroad operators with over 8000 locomotives in their fleet. Introduced in 2009, the ES44C4 boasts 4400hp and works in multiples to haul trains over a mile long across the USA.


Germany's ICE 1, the first batch-produced high-speed train in the country, arrived in time for service in the 1990s, conveying passengers at up to 280 km/h (174.0 mph).

BR Class 395 'Javelin'

Britain's fastest domestic train service comes courtesy of the Class 395 'Javelin' electric multiple units travelling at 140 mph (225 km/h) between Ebbsfleet and Ashford on services starting at London St Pancras.

The Routes

Three visually stunning routes and environments portray the settings in which the world's railways operate. From the wide open spaces of California, to routes carving into mountains through European tunnels and direct high-speed track linking Britain's capital with Kent. New lighting systems visually transform the look of the landscape as your trains travel through them.

Cajon Pass
Southeastern Highspeed - Extended

Cajon Pass

California, USA

Railfans love Cajon Pass, where the challenging gradients and open landscape offers some of the best views in American railroading. Located between San Bernadino and Barstow, the pass sees freight trains over a mile long power through tough climbs and ease themselves down them.

Enhanced Features


Impressive visuals and responsive handling bring the power of large locomotives to life. Balance the brakes with thousands of tonnes behind you before increasing the throttle to charge through gradients. Get the timing right and climb to maximum speed for an efficient run to the next stop.


A brand-new dynamic weather system, with volumetric skies, features across the three core routes, all powered by a new lighting system that enhances the overall experience. Trains can now be driven through the extremes of weather - snow, thunderstorms, and those dreaded leaves on the line!


Purchase future Train Sim World 3 locomotives without requiring their entire routes. Operate trains across a number of territories and continue to enjoy the 50+ add-ons purchased from previous Train Sim World titles.

Game Bundles Choose Your Routes

Experience steam, diesel and electric locomotives with Train Sim 3: 'Deluxe Edition', featuring the three core routes, Training Center and the Spirit of Steam add-on. 'Starter Packs' are also available for an introduction to the Train Sim World, with the additional routes available to purchase separately as add-ons.

Personalise Your Experience

Livery Designer and Scenario Planner allow players to personalise their Train Sim World experience by adding their own splash of paint to iconic locomotives and planning their own journeys across a selected route. Head over to the Creators Club to share your creations with others and subscribe to those making content that resonates with you.

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